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Buy 18.29LB Slim Waist Torso Sex Doll With Big Ass in IndiaBuy 18.29LB Slim Waist Torso Sex Doll With Big Ass in India
Original price was: ₹39,789.00.Current price is: ₹28,999.00.
Buy 18.7LB Cutest Vagina Masturbator in IndiaBuy 18.7LB Cutest Vagina Masturbator in India
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Buy 20.28LB Big Breast Half Sex Doll in IndiaBuy 20.28LB Big Breast Half Sex Doll in India
Original price was: ₹39,899.00.Current price is: ₹28,459.00.
Buy 47.6LB Busty Big Boobs Half Sex Doll in IndiaBuy 47.6LB Busty Big Boobs Half Sex Doll in India
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Buy 57.3LB Life Size Realistic Torso Sex Doll in IndiaBuy 57.3LB Life Size Realistic Torso Sex Doll in India
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Buy 68.34LB Plump BBW Half Sex Doll in IndiaBuy 68.34LB Plump BBW Half Sex Doll in India
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Buy 70.54LB 3D Life-Sized Half Sex Doll in IndiaBuy 70.54LB 3D Life-Sized Half Sex Doll in India
Original price was: ₹67,999.00.Current price is: ₹45,999.00.


Sex doll makers are claiming that half sex doll will give sexual pleasure to the living body just like the human body. This doll has soft fluffy body parts that can satisfy her sexual needs the way she wants. Although she is not really a woman, the doll is now being sold in India.

This half body sex doll is made of a special type of material that contains a type of rubber called thermoplastic elastomer. Which is softer than silicone as a substance, the demand for these sex dolls is now at the highest level among men around the world or it is more capable of meeting the needs of the body than any woman even if the price is not too high.

However, this doll offers some advantages that are not contrary to the social structure. Many men, said that the doll is fulfilling their desires completely. But there is no guilt in it, even married men say they do not suffer the crime of cheating on their wives as a result of using it.

But if we can meet this demand in any other way, we may have to fall into that mess. The ‘sex doll’ is also reducing the romance of prostitution which will free you from various sexually transmitted diseases. As the number of men has increased compared to women in India, there has been a huge difference in the ratio of men to women. So these half body sex dolls are being made in the shape of the female body to curb the sexuality and loneliness of men.


These half sex dolls are incredibly realistic and your dolls are always ready to give you real satisfaction and pleasure whenever you have sex. You can use these sex dolls for anal, vaginal, and oral sex.

They are portable and do not require a lot of space for storage like full sex dolls but you will get all the benefits of a sex doll in it. These half doll shots are made with silicone material so their ass and vagina will make you feel like a real woman with amazing detail of maximum life. It’s easy to hide because it’s not as big as a sex doll. And it’s easy to clean, if you take proper care of it, this cheap sex doll will keep you satisfied year after year.

You can enjoy dog style and any other sexual position you like with these dolls. We assure you that you will enjoy the pleasure of comfortable and comfortable sex. These half dolls are incredibly affordable and ideal for the budget.

If you recently had a fight with your partner or if your partner is sick or reluctant to have sex, and you feel frustrated or looking for alternatives. In that case, these sex dolls can indulge your sexual fantasies. Your partner will not agree to this and you will avoid betraying your partner. If your partner asks questions about this doll, you can say more about your own sex doll. Also, use this sex doll with your partner, especially when sharing your fantasies.


Don’t lean towards cheap prices when buying half sex dolls. Half body sex dolls not only give you satisfying sex, but they are perfect for love, companionship, photography, and much more.

You can choose something that will be suitable for you to use year after year so you can use sex toys with silicone or advanced material. It is important to buy an authentic doll with the right material for healthy sex.


Do you love to be horny and need penetration every day? But not getting a partner or having a partner away but not wanting to betray her. In that case, this half-sex doll is best for you. Our website also has all the ladies you need to make the cold and sleepless times hot and exciting. These sexy dolls know your needs and are always ready to give the best sex fun. You can definitely float in the world of imagination with this sex doll.

We assure you that you will not find such sexual pleasure anywhere in the world. It will warm you up as well as stimulate your cock better. Our website has some real adult half-sex dolls. Our website has a lot of half doll products in stock but to fulfill the demand you have to choose the doll of your choice. If you want to have a lot of warm time with your love doll then this is a suitable sex toy for you.


Half sex dolls are very important to clean after use. If you want to keep your sex dolls in good condition and enjoy them for many years, it is important to take care of them. Cleaning your sex doll is a relatively simple process. 5-10 minutes is enough time for thorough cleaning. Let us see and know how you can keep your sex doll clean, durable, and sexy at all times.

Your half dolls come with the vagina, the anus, and sometimes the well-formed breasts so it is very important to clean these parts and so the anal and vaginal holes should be cleaned very well.

The easiest way to clean vaginal and anal cavities is to use a well-flush with water inside these cavities.

Use antibacterial soap when rinsing with water. Fill with water and then pour water into the vagina and anus. Wash and flush it several times to remove all the semen and lubricant in the doll’s vagina. Be sure to clean your favorite doll’s vagina, breasts, and ass inside the bathtub or shower.


Sex dolls can use a loofah on sticks to clean. Lufa is perfect for scrubbing the vagina, anus, and body of your sex doll. You can use a soft loofah to make sure there is no damage to your half body sex doll.

The rest of the doll’s vagina and anus can be taken to the shower for cleaning. Cleaning a sex doll can be extremely fun if you taste sex while cleaning it in the shower. It will make you feel exactly as you want with a real woman, you can use nice-smelling soap. She will provide you with a pleasant bathing experience. After washing, use your doll’s skin gently with a soft absorbent towel – do not rub or scrub.


If your partner doesn’t want to play with your doll, tell them about the possibility of using your toy in person. Even if you don’t, don’t compromise on a good relationship. So, you can use dolls when your partner is not with you. There is no need to bother your loved one by keeping these sex toys while having sex with your partner in bed. You always have it in a box
You can keep it carefully and hide it under your bed. Don’t be afraid to express yourself and discuss your sexual preferences with your partner.

Be prepared to answer all questions and talk to your partner about your needs. Strengthen trust and understanding in the relationship Your partner must understand the trust you have in your partner. It is better to hide your doll from your partner if you tell your partner in detail about you. It will be easier to keep the doll with you and stay together in your room with your partner.


There are many people in India who do not know about these sex products; If this happens to you and your partner doesn’t know about it, you need to explain it to them in detail and let them know about your needs.

It should be an open, simple, logical, and beautiful free conversation. Simply tell your partner that you should not feel any pressure. You can start with a joke to present it to your partner more easily.